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Stevie Nicks Inspired Bracelet Cuff: Item #B570

Price: $355.00

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Price for stone upgrade: $595.00

Wrist Size
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Stevie Nicks Inspired Ring: 18x13mm Gemstone - Item #B570-Ring

Price: $165.00

Ring Size
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Matching Pendant Pendant: 18x13mm Gemstone -
Item #P575

Price: $155.00

Chain Length
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Sterling bracelet cuffs in the style of Stevie's! Each cuff is hand made and fashioned to fit your wrist size. This features a 25x18 oval gemstone and is breathtaking in person. Please refer to my Guestbook for customer testimonials! Each of the beads around the bezel are hand formed and attached one at time. It's brilliant and beautiful. Each picture represents different stone choices. I've also fabricated a matching ring, with an 18x13mm oval gemstone and a matching pendant, also in 18x13mm gemstone sizes. Each bead is hand-formed around the bezel of the pendant and is completely fabricated from scratch.
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