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Welcome to Kelly Graham Jewelry Designs
Please allow 2 weeks upon completion of pieces as I hand make each one at my bench studio.

Inspired by Renaissance and Celtic lore and fairytale epics, I've designed various themes of bridal headpieces, wedding crowns and circlets, as well as mystical Preseli Bluestone and wire-wrapped pendant designs, all fabricated in sterling silver with semi-precious gemstones. My designs range from Elvish, Renaissance and Medieval themes, to Oak and Ivy Leaf designs, and the magical jewelry styles of Lord of the Rings and Witchblade Bracelet Cuff designs. I also have polishing cloths to keep your sterling silver heirlooms looking their best. Please email me about converting your headpiece to a necklace as a keepsake close to your heart after your wedding!
Wedding, Renaissance, Medieval, Fantasy Celtic Bridal Circlets and Headpieces
Wedding Circlets and Bridal Headpieces
Wedding, Renaissance, Medieval, Celtic Bracelet Cuff Designs
Bracelet Cuffs
Wire Wrap Celestial Pendants
Wire Wrap Celestial Designs
Renaissance,SCA, Celtic, Oak and Ivy Leaf Neck Torcs
Ivy and Oak Leaf Neck Torcs
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Inspired Jewelry
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Renaissance,Elvin,Fantasy,Faery,Magical, Celtic Pendants
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