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**Note from the Designer:** While imitation is the highest form of flattery, please be aware of knock-off reproductions of my designs. There are many being manufactured and I have no control of this aspect, much to my dismay. They do not compare with integrity nor quality of the heart and workmanship I place in the very designs I have created. If you find a lesser imitation, it was not made by me, rather, another has copied my work without permission. I am compelled to stand behind my work and say it as such, here on my site, and I thank you for reading!

With that said, jewelry, as an art form, has the power to create moods, provoke opinions, and produce a myriad of personal and spiritual reactions. In my studio, this is the design philosophy that I endeavor in creating and developing a unique collection of jewelry designs. My ultimate goal is evoking whimsy through the use of my imagination with earthly and magical inventive designs in each of my pieces, to which inspired this signature and personal collection.

Born and raised on the East Coast, my interest in art design began at a very young age when I picked up a pencil and began to draw from a National Geographic magazine. It only grew from there. I continued my artwork, sketching and drawing, stain-glass, and fabricating jewelry throughout high school. It was during this period when I began displaying a flair for fantasy and whimsy in my work . These were the beginnings of the distinguishing style that can now be found throughout this collection.

In 1996, I received my degree from the Institute of Jewelry Design and Technology, where I learned the fundamentals of traditional jewelry making, as well as casting, stone setting, and working with precious metals and stones with many of the traditional designs and styles often seen in higher end jewelry stores.

I hope to bring a wide range of interests to my design abilities by focusing on metals and stones which lend themselves to a more natural and organic feel, such as sterling silver, copper and semi-precious gemstones. The superior blend of silver casting grain I use is more tarnish resistant and comprised of alloys which will rarely cause skin allergies. You can even feel the quality difference in the sterling silver itself. Only the finest semi-precious gemstones adorn each creation.

Utilizing a rich contrasting blend of textured finishes allow for unique conceptual designs in my work - not only will these designs be a topic of conversation, but you will enjoy the handsome and detailed work, as well as the substantiality of each handcrafted piece.

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